List of best milk coffee drinks and recipes – Explained

Posted by Varun Sharma on June 18, 2021

It’s an Ice breaker, it’s a Heart mender, it is a Cup of Coffee!

cappuccino milk coffee

The aroma of freshly brewed coffee is almost therapeutic. Regardless of whether you like it with a hint of hazelnut syrup or a dollop(s) of ice cream; it is remedial for everyone.

The very mention of the word coffee reminds us of a café or a coffee shop and on visiting these places it generally becomes difficult on what to order as the variety of milk coffee is mind-boggling. There is a variety of coffee available to suit different tastes that go beyond just normal coffee.

With different kinds of beans available at the best coffee farms, many forms of coffee can be brewed using a little bit of innovation and imagination.

Let us dive into some of the best milk coffee drinks that will want you to get in your kitchen and experiment.


Is a favorite among many people. It is inspired by the distinct hoods on the robes of Italian monks called capuchins. It is served with a foam cup of thick milk. A good cup of cappuccino can instantly energize you to begin your day with a full swing.

Recipe for a good cup of cappuccino

Take 1 shot of espresso and add it to half a cup of steamed milk and one-third cup of milk foam. Combine all three of them and enjoy.


Latte is another variant of the cappuccino family but in a mildly flavored version. A latte has less froth and more steamed milk as compared to a cup of cappuccino. You can also enjoy it by flavoring it with a dessert syrup of your choice.

Another way of relishing the latte is by adding ice and some whipped cream.

Recipe to an energizing cup of latte

Take one shot of espresso and add it to ten ounces of steamed milk. Now top it up with half an inch of foam. You can also add some dessert syrup or ice or whipped cream to add flavor.


Italians have inspired many versions of coffee and one of them is affogato which is more of a dessert than coffee. It includes ice cream or gelato along with a shot of espresso. You can always create variations by adding a dash of liqueurs along with espresso.

Recipe to a delightful affogato

Take one scoop of any ice cream preferably vanilla and add one shot of espresso on top of it. Enjoy the bold and creamy iced drink with a distinct flavor of espresso.


This interesting drink has its origin in Spain and owes its name to the Spanish verb cortar which means to cut. The name is so as the strong espresso has a lot of acidity and the dairy cuts out the acidity so produced.

It is a common ratio of 1:1 of espresso and milk where milk cuts the bitterness of the espresso. Cortado is generally served in a glass or a metal cup.

Recipe to this delicious drink

take two ounces of espresso and an equal amount of foamed milk. The milk should be just slightly foamed. Serve a cup of love to be savored.


Mocha has its origin from the city of Mocha in Yemen, an early coffee trade center. Most people are of the opinion that mocha and mochaccino are the same, but there is no clarity on why. Both these drinks are made out of espresso and chocolate. Mocha is a latte with some added chocolate which is used as a sweetener.

A mochaccino is considered to be closer to a cappuccino where the espresso and milk ratio is concerned.

These two drinks are often served with whipped cream.

Recipe to this lip-smacking drink

Take one tablespoon of chocolate syrup and add a shot of espresso to it. Now add one-third of steamed milk and top it up with one-third of whipped cream. You can also add marsh mellows and cinnamon for some variation.

Flat white

This delicious drink has its origin in Australia and is one of people’s favorite. It is important to have the right proportion of steamed milk and espresso for preparing a perfect cup of flat white. The microfoam topping is the most challenging part and requires a skillful and careful steaming of milk to get the dense froth which is the highlight of this drink.

Recipe to a frothy flat white

Take one shot of espresso and add four ounces of milk steamed to get a dense froth.


Frappuccino is widely called a frappe. This is a mixture of many ingredients to get the required consistency. It is also known as a coffee milkshake that requires to be frozen, creamy, and strong coffee.

Recipe to a strong coffee milkshake

  • Take one shot of espresso, add one cup of ice to it along with half a cup of milk. Now add three tablespoons of brown sugar and blend them to enjoy your Frappuccino.
  • Coffee is a very versatile drink that can be made and consumed in a variety of ways. One can experiment using different various ways and with different beans, milk, and other ingredients.

Haven’t turned into cafephile yet? Give them all a (double) shot!

double shot cappuccino

Our last article on list of black coffee drinks and above list of milk coffee drinks and recipes will give you a fair idea about the best types of palatable milk and black coffees which can be customized to your taste using a little creativity and experimenting with ingredients. milk-based coffee also helps you avoid acidic reactions.

So go ahead, brew a perfect cup of coffee, and savor it.

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