Varun & Disha

Love to Live

About Us

‘VarDish’ is a name that emerged from two beautiful souls who decide to lead life together and got married on 4th November, 2009 to enjoy life to the fullest.

Two were damn passionate about this mysterious virtual world which binded people together, proved boon to the businesses, helped millions with the right to information, and there are manifolds that are being discovered with every experiment they take up frequently.

They were super curious to really understand how things work behind every result which they get after typing some words in the Search Engines or any Social Networking websites and how these results can be used to cure anyones ailing business.

Every passing year made them more wise in their experiment and this website is a place where they will be sharing their research updates, answer anyones ailment or anything that is related to this world of Internet!

Oh! Are you still reading to know the names of these two souls from where the name ‘VarDish’ is derieved? So, here is the formula behind this name VarDish:

Var = Varun Sharma (Internet Marketing Expert)
Dish = Disha Singh Sharma (Social Media Expert)

Thus, this proves that when put together ‘VarDish’ is the true amalgamation of Digital Marketing.emerged

You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

Dr. Seuss