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5 Star Experience at Meraaki Kitchen Jaipur

Posted by Varun Sharma on June 5, 2023

Located in the heart of Jaipur, Meraaki Kitchen is a culinary gem that offers a unique and unforgettable dining experience. With its innovative menu, stylish ambiance, and exceptional service, Meraaki Kitchen has gained a reputation as a must-visit restaurant in the city. In this review, we explored the highlights of Meraaki Kitchen and it is a vegetarian restaurant.

Meraaki Kitchen prides itself on its innovative approach to cuisine. The menu features a creative fusion of flavors, blending traditional Indian ingredients with global culinary techniques. Each dish is a work of art, beautifully presented with attention to detail. From appetizers to desserts, the chefs at Meraaki Kitchen showcase their culinary expertise, creating a symphony of flavors that delight the palate and leave a lasting impression. We liked their ‘dual kofta’ and cheese cake alot. Meraaki Kitchen is known for its unique culinary offerings that push the boundaries of traditional cuisine.

The ambiance at Meraaki Kitchen is stylish, contemporary, and inviting. The restaurant boasts modern decor with tasteful lighting, creating a relaxed and sophisticated atmosphere. The comfortable seating arrangements and well-designed interiors make it an ideal setting for a memorable dining experience. Whether you’re visiting for a romantic dinner or a gathering with friends, Meraaki Kitchen offers a chic and welcoming environment.

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Shimla my love!

Posted by Disha Singh on November 23, 2019


Yes it… my first love!

It is a place where I was born and I love every bit of it whether it is the forest, the weather, the people, the bakeries, the fashion, the Mall road, the schools, the college, the rhododendron flowers, the morning daisies, the hills, the roads, various temples, the fruits, the fresh vegetables, the office alarm siren, my true friends… I can go unstoppable! 🙂

It has taught me everything. Even tough I have been living in some other place my love for Shimla has not demised. In fact it has become deeper.

There is so much to do in Shimla but this time we just had one day so we only planned our visit to the Mall Road.

Whenever in a rush we make our feet upto these 7 best places near Shimla, Mall road and we would like to share with all our readers that we never miss!

1. A quick stroll from one corner that is Marina (near CM residence) to Scandal Point further to city point. Enjoying the crowd, the similar faces and the tick tock of travellers. The fresh air and that touch of royalty makes the walk a charming experience.


Night View Mall Road Shimla
Night View Mall Road Shimla


Stroll at Mall-Road Shimla
Stroll at Mall-Road

2. Must visit Trishool bakery and eat uncountable chocolate pastries. Being a chocolate lover, I can assure you that you would never get that kind of authentic taste anywhere in the world!

Also, it is one of the best places as recognized by local celebrities like Preity Zinta.

This time I tried their Japanese pastry on being suggested by this man standing behind us, you won’t believe he has been serving people for over 45 years. It is a must-visit-place of all my relatives and have been serving the same quality throughout these years. Simply Remarkable!

Trishul Bakery Shimla
Trishul Bakery Shimla


Trishul Bakery Japanese Pastry Shimla
Trishul Japanese Pastry Shimla

3. Then my favorite shop Minerva Book House locals just say ‘Minerva.’ My school books were bought from there. And now I buy books for my son Aditya and ourselves. This shops’ display window in itself is very close to my heart. They have very cool stuff you would surely enjoy exploring.

We love books and make sure we make visit to Minerva, just because we do not want to miss the charm of discovering and selecting the best collection of hard copies through a book store – than just being a tech savvy and ordering a book online 😀

We want the book stores to Stay and survive!

Minerva Book House Shimla
Minerva Book House Shimla


Minerva Book House Shimla
Minerva Book House Shimla, Image Credit – Aman Dhayal

4. Coffee time! how can VarDish live without coffee. So have to find the best brew somewhere on the Mall Road, Right? So which place can be better then Combermere “Cafe Sol”


Combermere Cafe Sol Shimla
Combermere Cafe Sol Shimla


Combermere Shimla
Combermere Shimla

I tried their Cafe latte and Varun went for his all time favourite “A tale of two chocolate” (A chocolate based coffee with orange flavour).

5. Marina Hotel is so apt for nice lunches or work over meals. “Work from Marina” what VarDish calls the place! Sit down, Eat and relax in the beauty of mountains while doing your daily technical chores.

6. How can we miss the ice cream and specially the softy at Embassy, near the lift. I eat my legendary favourite Twin softy and Varun buys chocolate cone I might be forgetting the name i.e. chocolate cone filled with vanilla ice cream!

Ice cream Embassy Shimla
Ice cream Embassy Shimla

Also, with this I would like to add new small cafe named as “Wood Street Cafe” at Lakkar Bazzar –   if you have a taste bud of that home-styled sandwiches and pizzas.

Wood Street Cafe Shimla
Wood Street Cafe Shimla

7. At last, Dont forget to visit ‘Thakur Bhrata’ for pickle and murabbas, surmas, etc

Thakur Bhrata Shimla
Thakur Bhrata Shimla, Image Credit – Facebook

You can as well try locally made wine, I bought sparkling wine apple flavour. Just for the sake of trying, I won’t buy it again.

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Top 5 Taxi Services from Chandigarh to New Delhi

Posted by Varun Sharma on April 3, 2015
Planning a vacation, or a business event, conference or any other travel or trip is not difficult as finding a means of transportation, which is not only affordable, but comfy and safe as well. The problem becomes intricate when you get numerous options in the market with their various alluring offers.
If you have planned your visit from Chandigarh to New Delhi, here we have listed the top 5 car rental services in Chandigarh for your convenience.

1. Jhazz Travels: If you are fond of travelling in a luxurious fashion, this is the choice for you! Jhazz Travels offers you the most lavishing cars and coaches on rentals. You can find here brand new cars including BMW, Audis, Mercedes, Honda CRV, Pajero, Montero and many more. Jhazz Travels are the market’s No. 1 leader in event transportation management.  They are best suited for large and small corporate and hotel sector events. All the cars are fully equipped with tissue papers, mineral water, and daily newspaper/magazine.

Jhajj Travels Chandigarh

Besides many pros, a major drawback one will find here is that the Jazz Travels is not suitable for those who want to travel for unofficial reasons like family tour or vacatons. Also, offering lucrative services demand heavy rental charges which are not afforded by everyone.

2. Gurdial Taxi Services:  Cozy, safe, highly luxurious, trustable and affordable- these words are enough to describe the Gurdial Taxi Services. Eminent in Chandigarh for providing world class services, GTS is the oldest and the largest taxi providers in Northern India. GTS has professionally qualified and trained staff and offers modern and luxurious fleet of more than 100 vehicles.

Gurdial Taxi Services Chandigarh

Moreover, they guarantee an enjoyable, timely, joyous and a hassle free taxi /cab travel under their courteous chauffeur having detailed knowledge of place and route. GTS s the only car rental company to offer 100% least price guarantee.

GTS is 100% reliable and trustworthy. They are highly secure as every car is equipped with GPS  facility. They offer very reasonable packages for nationwide locations. The cool part is that they also offer you a Friendly cancellation policy, in case you want to cancel your trip. GTS is a highly customer focused company.

GTS offers car rentals for various purposes like cars for holiday packages, for corporates, for families, for pilgrimages, for weddings, and even for local fleets. GTS provides a complete pick-and-drop facility keeping in mind the safety of their customers and even provides One-way Deals at almost half rates, unlike any other car rental providers.  Suitable for all the sections of societies, Gurdial Taxi Services are the best. So, if you want to travel anywhere from Chandigarh, New Delhi, make GTS your choice

3. Tara Brothers: Tara Brothers is a reputed Car and Coach rental agency operating in Chandigarh. It is an independent Rental company which can be relied upon to handle your transportation needs timely, on budget and with the finest of service. It maintains a large fleet of new and contemporary Cars and Coaches with a trained team of well-behaved and uniformed chauffeurs.

Tara Brothers Chandigarh

Tara Brothers is a service provider for A-Class Hotels, blue-chip corporates and, visiting dignitaries in Chandigarh.

Whether you are planning a Wedding Function or you need a transportation requirement for corporate events and conferences or any occasion which requires ‘Personalized Road Transport Service’, Tara Brother can offer you the best vehicles and decent drivers at the best possible rates.

Unfortunately, Tara Brothers is not a right option for people who want to travel local or for those who want car rentals for family holidays and tours, etc

4. Nanuan Travels: Nanuan Tours & Travels Cab offers reliable Taxi Service to meet the transportation needs of visitors, corporate clients as well as the residents. Their service area covers alomost the entire Northern India.

 They offer a dependable service for airport shuttle, transportation to medical visits, sightseeing tours, social visits or shopping and corporate accounts to manage the corporate transportation needs. The drivers are highly professional and independent business persons in the industry. All the packages are under your budget.

naunan travels chandigarh

However, with Nanuan Travels, you’ll miss the Luxurious fleets as they do not offer highly luxurious cars like Audi, Benz, etc.

5. Avtar Travels: Avtar Travels strives to satisfy every renter’s need and ensure a stress-free Car / Coach rental experience. They offer their services with honesty, trust and professionalism.  The staff and a cohesive team are well experienced in dealing with the foreign and domestic market. They have a fleet of 100 Cars including TOYOTA CAMARY , TOYOTA FORTUNER , TOYOTA COROLLA ,TOYOTA ALTIS, HONDA CITY ,TOYOTA INNOVA, TOYOTA ITOS SWIFT DzIRE ,INDIGO & ETC.

A major drawback is that you won’t get highly luxurious fleets here, like Benz, Audi, etc. Avtar Travels are suitable for family trips, pilgrimages, vacations, and not for the corporate and business events.

Select the one that fits to your requirements the best!


A Memorable Trip to Manali in 2014

Posted by Disha Singh on January 5, 2015
The year 2014 had been a remarkable year with full of fun with friends, colleagues and family. It has been a splendid journey and would hope to make it even more magnificent in 2015. One of such moments were collaborated by and Amazing journey we had in July to Manali, some pics and highlights shared below:

The Manali Trip

Kunal Sir and Varun

The Manali Trip in July with Disha, Kunal Sir and Sherry was an amazing and memorable trip. The trip started with a Bang with chocolate biscuits and ended at The Willow Cafe in Chandigarh with a superb coffee.

The main highlights were the:

  • The Coffee shop near Naggar Castle – An amazing coffee shop with great taste of coffee and vast collection of delicious cakes.

Cafe near naggar manali

  • The Italian Restaurant in Naggar – Nightingale – Lovely dinner at the Italian Restaurant down the lane from Naggar Castle, Had pizza and pasta especially cooked for the newly wed Sherry and Kunal Sir with a bottle of Champagne.


  • Dharma Thakkur – The Facebook Addict residing with a small shop at top of the ZANA Falls – With cold Beer from the middle of the falls, hot maggi served and with Laal chawal and Lingdu sabzai a special recipe 🙂 was Kunal sir and disha’s favorite. Dharma Thakkur, who can forget the chap, a Facebook Fan with a Facebook profile, who says that internet and Facebook has not reached the end chores of India.

Dharma Thankur Zana Falls

“Say Hi to Dharma Thakkur”


“In The middle of ZANA Falls”


“Ready for Trekking – Near Zana Falls”

Trekking Manali

“Setting up the tent near ZANA Falls ;-)”

  • The Ghost House near Disha’s Masi house – The wrong turn that took right at the door step of a spooky haunted house, we explored and nobody came to answer until we heard strange noises and had to run back to the car.

Ghost in Manali

photo 2

“And who can forget the lovely dinner at her place”

  • Kunal sir Car that supported us throughout the trip From Chandigarh to Manali to Manikaran and back to chandigarh

Kunal sir car

  • Journey to Anjani Mahadev and Horse riding near Solang Valley. A 1 hour riding from Solang to Anjani Mahadev was a adventurous experience. With broken bridges, cold fast flowing river to shattered roads, it was a great trek.

horse riding angani mahadev

“Starting of the Journey to Anjani Mahadev from Solang”

Enjoying Falls Anjani Mahadev

“At Anjani Mahadev Falls”

Anjani Mahadev

“Enjoying Cold Fast Flowing River at Anjani Mahadev”

  • Stay at the Morpheus cottages near Raison – The river Side cottages was just a icing needed on the delicious trip 🙂 of the last day. Small but luxurious cottages with a breakfast of Makkhan and Pranthas was great indeed.

Morpheus Raison Review

  • Kunal Sir and Me, were again put to work with “Kunal sir had to catch trout fish” and i had to do marketing for Himachal Government at Naggar falls to sell there shawls 🙂 – Was a Gala Time!!


“Kunal Sir and the trout fish Catch”

Marketing-Naggar-Castle“Marketing is in Blood :)”