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Tattooed Stars make their mark

Posted by Disha Singh on January 29, 2008
David Beckham tattoos
Today, I found something for you in my mailbox. ABC News had compiled some of the world’s biggest celebrities and their tattoos, along with some background information that was presented in form of a slide show.

You may click here to view the slide show.


A True Graphic Designer Tattoo

Posted by Disha Singh on January 22, 2008
Square tattoo on forearm

We are always in a search of a tattoo, which reflects at least some portion of our personality or has some significance in our life. Ragnar Freyr got this square tattoo inked at Eternal Tattos in Clawson, Michigan. It was his first tattoo.

He said, “Being a graphic designer I work a lot with squares and as a modernism enthusiast I just had to get one.”

For him, “It’s also a great conversation starter.” And he explained it further by saying, “at one party a girl asked me if it was a real tattoo. I said yes and she replied: “That’s soooo weeiiird!”

He was mocked at when he asked the guys at tattoo parlor for a simple filled square on his forearm. However, he is satisfied and loves his cool tattoo!


Acquaint yourself with all sides of Suspension

Posted by Disha Singh on January 16, 2008
Joy’s 2 point sucide suspension
(“2 point suicide” or “2 point back” suspension)

Hello friends, today I’m here to throw some light on all sides of “Suspension” with the help of our friend and tattoo artist Joy Rumore of Twelve 28 Tattoo, Brooklyn, New York. She is also a member of a suspension group called “Rites of Passage” whose founder is Emrys Yetz.

I had asked her few questions regarding suspension and her group, she replied us and here we have an informative article based on her replies.

This post will surely wipe off the haze from your mind regarding “Suspension”.

Actaully, Suspension is an act of suspending human body via hooks that are poked through their body in form of a temporary body piercing.
2-point suicide suspension


“Suspension begins with the cleansing and marking of the area to be pierced. The flesh is then pierced with sterile needles and hooks. The person suspending is then securely tied to a rig, which is a metal piece of equipment attached to a rope and pulley system. They are lifted off of the ground and then suspend by their flesh alone. They hang for as long as they wish; 2 minutes or 2 hours. When they decided to end the suspension the rig is detached, the hooks removed, and the wounds are bandaged.”

Risks and Safety:

“The risks involved can range from small scarring at the piercing site to shock and death. Some people faint during suspensions. Some people have tearing of the skin around the hook and require sutures.

All people interested in suspending should do so only with those who are experienced and have knowledge about every aspect of the procedure.”

Joy Chest Suspension Scars and healed after 2 years
(Fresh and Healed Scars over two years)

What happens to skin after suspension?

“You may be sore for a few days and sometimes bruising is visible, the skin does go back to normal, though there may be small scars at the piercing sites.”


Suspension is an expensive procedure and to take an idea regarding its cost we asked Joy to tell us about the fee of their Group. It can vary but she replied;

“We have a donation fee of $100 per suspension. All of us in the group perform suspensions on a non-profit basis. The money received by those who suspend is put back into the group to buy more supplies.”
Suspension hook in the skin
(A pierced hook in the skin with markings on the skin)

Thanks Joy, for sparing sometime from your busy schedule.


A look at Manic Tattoo Studio

Posted by Disha Singh on January 11, 2008
A tattoo by Chris

Manic Tattoo Studio is owned and operated by tattoo artist Chris Oppenheim. There are other artists also available here to provide you with their services. You can etch as well as poke yourself at Manic.

Chris has been tattooing since three and a half years.

When we asked him to throw some light on the Manic Tattoo Studio he replied:

“Manic tattoo is a relaxing, clean environment with flat screen tv’s, digital portfolios, and thousands of designs to choose from. Manic also has quality merchandise and specializes in body piercings. Manic tattoos is located at 2821 Churchville road in Churchville Maryland. Chris and the artists at manic will design any custom piece and portraits are also available.”

You can have a look at a few more Tattoo works of Chris Oppenheim of Manic Tattoos at our gallery or you can click here.



Posted by Disha Singh on January 4, 2008
Tattoo of Allen Falkner

These are Allen Falker’s hands, who is a tattoo artist, body piercer, keen photographer and a suspension practitioner. He has recently started doing Laser Tattoo Removal and says following about his new profession:

In July of 2007 I started my new career as a laser technician specializing in pigment reduction and tattoo removal. Ironic? No not really. Why did I chose laser tattoo removal as my next profession? It was actually the next logical step. There are so many people with tattoos that need to be fixed. Honestly I think most people with multiple tattoos want something fixed, reworked or changed. Although I’m happy to do total removal, my true goal is to lighten existing tattoos to create new canvas for the people that want or need a change.

His new business is called ‘Fade Fast‘ and looks forward to have main focus on it in this New Year.