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What’s stopping?

Posted by Disha Singh on July 19, 2022
Even I do not know why I have lost the sync between my mind, heart and hands. It has always been easy therapeutic to write something especially poetry or a even a blog. But since pandemic hit us I not able to get my this co-ordination back.

This blog is the restart of my blogger, writer and poetess side. Due to lack of time I am not going to extend this blog too much. It’s just that I came back to say hello to you and hope you have been doing good during this pandemic.

We all lost something for good or bad and I think I lost my mind. 🙃🙃

Hope to get back soon.


Silent Whisper (Poem)

Posted by Disha Singh on July 30, 2019

Everyday I wake up to do my duties,
Everyday I sleep by doing my duties,
But today there was a silent whisper
In my ears I heard a voice asking me…
Are you aware of your duties towards
Your own-self?

You forget when self becomes selfless
When love become loved-less
When work becomes worked-less
When passion becomes passion-less

There is so much less that you cannot ask for more
There is so much noise that you cannot hear anymore

But this Silent Whisper quietly, very quietly
Leaves its mark, to make me Spark!