List Of Black Coffee Drinks and Recipes

Posted by Varun Sharma on June 11, 2021
Vardish Coffee Bloggers
Vardish Coffee Bloggers

When we hear or read the word coffee, the first thing that comes to mind is a coffee shop or a cafe and when we do visit these coffee shops, small/big or buy coffee from a renowned coffee farms the first thing is that we get confused looking at the menu. There are so many variants of coffee that it becomes difficult to decide what to drink and impossible to try all (yes, even for a coffee lover). With so many variants of beans, brews, and types of coffee that it will be impossible to taste all of them in a lifetime. This makes trying them all the more important.

While people love experimenting with coffee, it’s more about different brewing methods, beans, grinding methods, water temperature and more just to get that perfect cup of coffee.

Here we are going to discuss the best black coffee drinks and help you decide what all to try. You probably have had the aroma settled in your senses already so here we go!


A perfect espresso shot is a creamy sweet syrup which is truly the essence of a wonderful coffee. It takes a lot of expertise to prepare a perfect espresso that is creamy and smooth containing just a little pinch of bitterness.

The difference between espresso and other coffee drinks is its preparation method.

Recipe for a perfect espresso shot

  • Take 7-9 grams of coffee.
  • Pour clean water forced at 195-205F (90.5-96.1C) with a lot of pressure grinding the coffee beans for 20-30 seconds to allow it to brew well. This will prepare a single shot of 25-35 ml which is .85-1.2 ounce.
  • To prepare a double shot multiply the numbers by 2.

To keep it simple, espresso is one of the most loved coffee shots which is highly concentrated and needs a short time to be brewed under a lot of pressure.

The taste of espresso largely depends on the way the coffee beans are roasted. The darker the beans are roasted; the more bitter the espresso will be. Roasting the beans lightly or medium make the best espresso as this allows the sugar and oils to be preserved leading to a balanced taste.


iced americano vardish
Iced Americano Vardish

Americano is one of the much-debated coffee on the menu. It is made by pouring some water into the espresso shot after it is brewed by diluting it. Many people who love coffee take americano to be diluted, but on the contrary, sometimes an espresso shot tastes much better with a combination of some water.

It helps in making it more aromatic keeping the elements in place.

Recipe for a beautifully brewed Americano

The three important things to be kept in mind while preparing an americano are

  • The temperature of the water-

The temperature of the water should be 185 degrees Fahrenheit. Adding too hot or too cold water will not make a perfect americano.

  • Flavor Profile-

There are many different coffee flavors to prepare an americano. And mixing hot water with the shot of espresso will only dilute the coffee flavors. There may not be any particular flavor for preparing an americano, but many different flavors will require different preparation methods.

  • Style of shot

While choosing a shot to prepare americano, ristretto shots are preferred by many coffee lovers due to its intensity. These shots are highly flavored, brighter, and sweeter as compared to the espresso shot.


Even though ristretto originated in Italy, it was made popular by the Americans. The intensity of flavors in a ristretto is higher which means that the level of favoring compounds of coffee is difficult and not as concentrated as in espresso.

To prepare a perfect cup of ristretto

Brew the coffee for the same time as an espresso shot just keeping the water restricted. This changes the extraction of coffee shifting the flavor to a sweet, syrupy, and acidic one.

The final cup of a ristretto is a sweet, syrupy, and bright espresso shot. Even the bitterness is very little.

Long black

The long black is very popular in the café of Australia. It is similar to Americano just the method is reversed.

Recipe for preparing a long black

  • Fill the cup with hot boiling water and then pour the espresso or ristretto shot from the top. This will help to give the long black a rich flavor as well as reserve the crema.
  • Another way of preparing a long shot is by pulling the espresso shots straight into the water. This helps in preserving the flavor for a longer time also helping in creating a beautiful pattern on the top of the coffee.

Lungo Espresso

Lungo espresso is also Caffe Lungo and is a favorite in Italy. the taste of Caffe Lungo can be extremely bitter as compared to a properly brewed one.

The recipe to prepare the Lungo shots

Brew it for more than one minute which is longer than the normal espresso.

Food. Water. Black Coffee – that’s all the essentials you need in life.

The above list of black coffee drinks and recipes includes the best black coffee and is a must-try for every coffee lover. A good cup of black coffee not only helps in energizing you but also has a lot of health benefits. So, experiment at home or visit a nearby café and brew yourself a perfect cup of black coffee drink with the help of the recipes above.

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