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Tribal Wolf Tattoo

Posted by Disha Singh on April 25, 2008
Wolf tattoo

Here is a tribal wolf tattoo on the arm of Varun Sadana from Banglore, India. We know every tattoo has some meaning and significance whether that symbolism is worldwide prevailing or a very personal reason to etch a tattoo. The reason be any but it is undeniable that the vogue of tattoo is rapidly slipping into India from western countries and day by day we see new colorful bodies.

This piece is inked by Pradeep Menon, Bangalore.


Tips to prevent your Tattoos from Fading!

Posted by Disha Singh on April 18, 2008
Guy Aitchinson’s Arm Tattoo

(A tattoo by Guy Aitchison)

Fading tattoos become a cause of worry on our face. 🙁 After spending a huge amount to get a tattoo design etched on our skin it gets really very painful to see that tattoo fading.

You can blame your tattooist for this tattoo fading to some extent but it can be your fault also. Yes, your fault of not giving proper aftercare to the tattoo and tattooist’s fault of not placing the pigment in appropriate layer of skin.

There are many reasons behind the fading of tattoos and you should take care of these things: 💡

  • Check that your tattoo artist does not place the pigment on the epidermis, as this constantly sheds dead skin cells to make room for new skin cells. The pigment should penetrate into the middle layer of the skin. Even the middle layer rejuvenate its cells but developing a healthier eating habits help to supply your skin with the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants so that it remain youthful and slows down the process of regeneration of new skin cells.
  • Proper care for about 3-4 weeks is required by a new tattoo. Timely moisturizing and application of ointment is necessary because this will avoid scabbing as scabbing can pull up some of the pigments.
  • Like our skin even our tattoos need good protection from sun rays. As sun’s powerful ultraviolet rays break down our skin and cause wrinkles similarly they can break down the pigments used to color our tattoos. Therefore, application of liberal amount of SPF sunscreen lotion is recommended on the tattoo wherever you move out in sun or go for swimming. In case of swimming and sweating remember to reapply sunscreen lotion over the tattoo.
  • Selection of colors is another factor responsible for the fading of a tattoo. Keep in mind that dark colors like black, blue and greys are more resistant to fading than other colors like red, orange, yellow, purple, magenta, etc.

🙂 So, friends I hope these tips were helpful to you and you’ll always keep them in mind. 🙂


Rihanna inspired by Kat Von D for her new Tattoo?

Posted by Disha Singh on April 11, 2008
Rihanna showing her New Star Tattoo
(Rihanna Unveils her Tattoo: Photo by PopSugar via Wire Image)

Rihanna recently got a cool starry tattoo on her back. The tattoo is of a cluster of stars sprinkled down her back resembling the facial tattoo of Kat Von D.

Kat Von’s starry tattoo is a kinda logo of hers and Rihanna is the next to adorn her back with similar design. May be latter was inspired by former for her fifth tattoo.
Kat Von D Facial star tattoo picture
(Kat Von D tattooing: Photo from Myspace)

Rihanna now wears five tattoos in total. Earlier she had a music note i.e. a treble clef and a 16th note on her ankle, a Pisces behind her right ear, a star inside her left ear and a Sanskrit prayer going down the hip.

Rihanna Unveils her New Star Tattoo

Taking a closer look at the tattoo I’m drawn towards the significance of five-pointed-star. Some stars of Rihanna’s tattoo are an outline and some are filled. The filled five-pointed star tattoo commonly signifies a star but people say that the five-pointed star represents the quest after Divine Knowledge, feminine energy, and the secrets of life.


Interview with Great Tattooist – Lionel

Posted by Disha Singh on April 4, 2008
Lionel at work
(Lionel at Work)
Please welcome the great tattoo artist from France – LIONEL. As you cannot hold sand in your hand similarly the free tattoo artist cannot be seen tied in the chains of a tattoo studio. He keeps touring and you can find his availability list on his website. His tattoos are his reflection, making him taller than all other tattooists. His tattoos will surely bring a smile on your face as well as they will take you back to your childhood.

For me his tattoos rejuvenate the child heart lurking inside me. Let’s see what fuels the fire in him to bring out such cute masterpieces on the canvas of skin, through this interview with him.

Disha Singh: Let’s start with your first rendezvous with the art. When did it started and how?
Lionel: Hi, since the beginning and as far as I do remember, my mom brought us to see any kind of exhibitions… we were living in a poor and very industrial city but there were lots of exhibitions with free admittance and my mom always tried to make our eyes wide opened! Thanx to her! The same with music. Even if our parents were strict, we had access to art! We could draw at home and I was a very quiet boy. I could spend hours alone just playing alone and dreaming… a little bit like now!ahahahaah!
Arm tattoo by lionel at paris
(A complete tattoo one of Lionel’s Paris Client)

Disha: Your tattoos are like a trademark for you, which are not like regular tribal or Biomech tattoos. Under what category do your tattoos fall for you and how do you get the idea of a design?
Lionel: Well I think I do something very near the person. I don’t impose anything, I just try to talk and discover the universe of the person. On through his/her belief I try to tell the story of this person on a positive way! Tattoo were forbidden in our culture, so it meant it was very interesting to my eyes when I was younger, but culturally I always preferred art history, illustration books for kids than bikers designs! My tattoos try to reflect the soul of the people who ask me a design…

Disha: What fuels the fire within you to keep going on and on? What sense of fulfillment do you get after inking a design?

When I finish my work I discover the result which is not mine anymore! I work for someone, not really for me! It is lots of concentration, taking care on every details, then when it’s finished the design has being done by me but it is not mine anymore! I need a few days before rediscovering the tattoo I have on the picture I took… it is strange, and hard to explain because skin is an alive canvas!

Skateboard designed by tattooist Lionel and his four children

(A Skateboard designed by Lionel and his four children)

Disha: Who are your main inspirations?

Lionel: My four children, my wife, the sun, the clouds, the landscape, nature, love stories, sky, books, exhibitions and a few painters artists like Cy Twombly, Georg Baselitz and Andy Goldsworthy and Thibault de Reimpré, art printings, people…

Disha: Could you please share any good or bad or some funny experience/request, you’ve encountered for a tattoo?

Mmmh… not really! Maybe one! One old man came to me one day and wanted me to put a microscopic electronic system in the ear of his dog. So that he could follow his dog if he would be lost with a military satellite system!

Lionel and his two children

(Lionel with his two children)
Disha: How have things changed regarding your inking over the years? How far would you like to take your body art?

Lionel: I am lucky. Everybody was spitting on my back for 8-9 years because my tattoos were not traditional enough and now I travel a lot, have wonderful customers and I can express myself more than in the past! People get tattooed on a younger age, their culture is changing of course and now you have lots of tattooists that specialize in one style. Then you can travel to discover the good inker!

Disha: Why do we see Lionel mostly traveling and can someone see him fixed at one stop. If yes, where? Lionel: I had a shop (OUT OF STEP, the enemy of the sun) but I felt depressed by staying in this place everyday! Before tattooing I was a professional guitarist in a punk band and I was on tour for 11 years… Then becoming the owner of a shop made really depressed… I tried two times to run my own shop but after six months I had to do the guest somewhere else!

It permits me also to have more time at home with my family and taking care of them much more. That’s also why it takes so long to answer to everybody!

Very cute Foot Tattoo by Lionel

Disha: Who would Lionel have been if he was not a tattoo artist?

Lionel: I was a professional musician in a punk band called PORTOBELLO BONES for eleven years. I was also organising tours in Europe for my band and some others… So I really think I would work in the music scene as music is a large part of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Disha: For our readers information please tell us how much does a piece cost?

It costs the price a customer want to spend. He has to think it is for life, he doesn’t buy a pair of shoe when he has an appointment with me. We talk and then I decide if I’m tattooing him with his budget.

Tattooist Lionel house

(Lionel’s House)

Disha: In addition, who is Lionel apart from a being a tattoo artist?

Lionel: A normal guy who lives and dreams in the west of France, who loves life and who would love to visit India for sure!

Disha: Finally, what suggestions do you have for the newbies in the industry and especially to those who want get tattooed?

Lionel: Please take your time. Ask, watch, think, use your head and have fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Leg tattoo by Lionel

Thank you so much Lionel for sparing your valuable time from your busy schedule. 

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