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Selecting the best coffee machine for home | A Buying guide

Posted by Varun Sharma on August 13, 2021
Coffee Machine Home

For all the coffee lovers, that first cup of coffee in the morning is a special one. when we don’t have coffee machines for homes that we can rely on, often buying a cup becomes the first expenditure of the day which then can become an unnecessary and expensive regime.

One of the best decisions that you can make is of investing in coffee machines for homes so that all your love for coffee, whether it is an espresso, cappuccino, mocha, or a latte can be fulfilled while you are sitting at home.

Choosing perfect coffee machines for homes depends largely on the coffee you like, the amount of time you want to spend on brewing a cup, the money you want to spend, and the time you are willing to invest in the process of brewing.

To help you make a decision, below are a few best coffee machines that you can look into when you plan to add a new member to your home, your coffee machine.

Best Manual Coffee Machines

A manual coffee machine is a smart investment if you want the upper hand in brewing your favorite kind of coffee. This is very similar to what you can find in a café.

The only drawback that can occur when you plan to invest in a manual espresso machine is that you will have to do everything from grinding the beans to cleaning the machine manually.

And the best part is that you have all the control while brewing on what you want. Some of the manual coffee machines for homes are


The best coffee machine under the banner of a manual coffee machine for home is Delonghi Coffee machine under a budget of around £200. The design and simplicity of this beautiful machine make it a great buy as it can fit into the smallest kitchens and brew a perfect cup.

Sage dual boiler is among the ideal coffee machines for homes. Especially for those who prefer to enjoy the experience of being in a café while at home. One can make and have an excellent cup of coffee brewed in this machine as it has the advantage of having dual boilers which allow you to steam milk as well as pour espresso simultaneously.

The budget that you need to have for this machine is £1,200.

Best Bean to Cup Machine

This is an ideal investment for people who are constantly on the move or are running short of time while in need of grabbing a quick cup of coffee.

Easy to use and clean, this machine also comes with the drawback that the results are never as good as that of a manual machine.|

Gaggia Naviglio is amongst the best bean to cup machines under the range of £400. It comes with a manual steel wand which helps in frothing milk making the best coffee. This is a great machine that makes an excellent espresso giving you the best results without too much hindrance.|

This is a fully automatic coffee machine having two bean hoppers that can help you prepare coffee of different varieties. It also comes with a blue tooth by which a complete process of preparing coffee ranges from the correct temperature to the sequence of the process.

You can experiment in many different ways using this machine under a budget of £700.

This is a simple and easy-to-use machine where the maximum effort you have to make is on buying the pod that suits you and brew the coffee. It is a hassle and mess-free coffee which comes with great taste.

The only drawback is expensive pods.

This is a machine that comes in between the espresso and a manual machine that can make a quick cup of coffee while giving you the freedom of pouring the milk on top making designs of your choice with a budget of £400.

It gives you the liberty of choosing your preference for froth and the hotness of the coffee. This is the best buy for people who are racing against time allowing one to make the largest cup of coffee.

Best Filter Coffee Machine

A filter coffee machine is a wonderful choice for those who prefer a simple cup of coffee or for brewing coffee in large amounts.

The only drawback is that one can only make black coffee in it.

This is the best filter coffee machine which is budget-friendly under £200. It allows the coffee beans to extract most of the flavor to produce a refreshing cup of coffee. Some of the features are

  • 12 hr. programmable timer
  • Scoop and tank
  • Color-coded carafe
  • Washable metal filter
  • Integrated filter system

This machine also comes with a warranty and hence makes it the best coffee machine for home.

Hope this article helps you make the right decision for investing in the right coffee machines for homes according to your budget.