Top 3 Famous Dietitians in Panchkula

Posted by Varun Sharma on April 1, 2015

A healthy diet is a way to long life.

Obviously, it has become necessary to maintain a healthy lifestyle in this fast-paced life, where every individual is running behind substantial pleasures. A healthy lifestyle means a healthy routine, including regular exercise and a balanced diet. But, what exactly is a balanced diet, what is a healthy routine, what should you eat and what not? Apparently, we all have quite a little idea about a healthy lifestyle, but still it is important to consult an experienced dietician before planning a healthy routine for you and your family.

Here are the top 3 best and popular dieticians in Panchkula who can guide you better on how to adopt a balanced diet and live healthy. Have a look:

1. Dr. Madhu Sharma 

dietician panchkula madhu sharma
Dt. Madhu Sharma

With a rich experience of more than 3 decades of service at the Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research in Chandigarh, Dr. Madhu Sharma is a talented, expert and registered dietician. Qualified with a diploma in Dietetics and a post graduate in Foods and Nutrition (M.Sc) from Hyderabad and Delhi, she is now serving people at several clinics and hospitals, along with an independent set up with the name of ‘Diet for life’.

  • Dt. Madhu is keen to provide practical and sustainable services for life, thereby making ‘quality, not quantity’ the motto of her work.
  • She is the best in her areas of interest- obesity, child nutrition and associated nutritional aspects, gastric and liver disorders.
  • She can also guide you well about awareness on Lifestyle Diseases comprising common problems of diabetes, both in adults and children, cardiac and hypertension in the population.
  • Her contribution in the public health also includes her 3 publishings based on Paediatric Nutrition which deal with varied aspects of nutrition in health and disease in children.
  • Besides these achievements and contributions, she is a permanent Member of the Indian Dietetic Association, (Vice President of the Chandigarh Chapter), Nutrition Society of India, the Indian Society of Parenteral, World Congress of Nutrition and Enteral Nutrition.

Through her independent setup ‘Diet-for-life’, she offers dietary management advices in the areas of cardiac diseases and hypertension, liver and kidney diseases, weight management (Obesity and underweight), general lifestyle guidelines, pediatric and diabetes.

  • Whether you live in Panchkula, Chandigarh, Mohali or any other part of the world, she is there to guide you.
  • All her services are available at very affordable prices, varying upon your goals and objectives.

To reach her, you can email @madhusharma15@gmail.com or call her at +91-9872001679. For further information, visit her website or check her reviews on Google.

2. Dt. Sheela Seherawat (Nupur Clinic Sector 17, panchkula): A Weight loss & Wellness Specialists and anti ageing specialist, Dt. Sheela is the mentor and a founder dietician of Diet Clinic Health Care Pvt. Ltd. and has won several awards in her field. Dt. Sheela is a certified dietitian, graduated with honors. She is a native of Haryana and has established a private dietician practice in India in the year 2006. 

  • A constant motivation, belief and a positive approach towards having a healthy diet is her key to success.
  • You can achieve good health with the expert advice from dietician Sheela Seherawat as her diet programs are designed in a scientific manner with a practical approach to suit everyone.
  • She runs an independent setup run by Dr Nupur at a Clinic in Sector-17, Panchkula.
  • She has introduced her special menu plans and is a registered dietitian with IDA, to have her own, line of customized diet plans.
  • She offers various dietary packages like Diet Consultations, Therapeutic Diets and weight loss programs. But, these packages are available at quite a high rate.

To book your appointment, call @+918010888222 or visit her clinic ‘Nupur Clinic in Sector 17, Panchkula. 

You can also visit her online @ http://www.dietclinic.in/

  1. Dt. Shreya: She is not mere a dietician, rather, she is your ‘diet cook’. Dietician Shreya has done her Post Graduation in Nutrition & Dietetics and thereafter, completed  her internship from PGIMER Hospital Chandigarh. She has also completed her Post Graduation Diploma in Physiotherapy and Nutrition. She has worked as a Clinical Nutritionist in Fortis Hospital. Today, she is running her own clinic with the aim of providing good health systems to her clients with a simple philosophy of ‘Helping people to lose weight with positive lifestyle changes’.
  • Dt. Shreya believes that the solution for any disease is not just to give a therapeutic diet just on a piece of paper.
  • She has initiated and named ‘Diet on Wheels’ where they and her team provides ‘Diet Tiffins’ to those who enroll with them.
  • Her Diet packages include detoxification diets, meta diets, model’s diet, blood pressure diet, etc. Here, this may not convince you as not everyone finds it comfortable with the diets package they provide. Also, these packages are not affordable for everyone.

Reach Dt. Shreya for consultation @ http://dietitianshreya.com/or visit her clinic in sector 14- Panchkula

12 thoughts on “Top 3 Famous Dietitians in Panchkula”

  1. Since my childhood I used to wonder why these celebrities look the way they do. It was my dream to be a model but in my sixteens I realized that how difficult it is to maintain. I was one of those who wear clothes to manage or better say hide their belly fat and bulky arms. And all this was just due to junkies and other inappropriate diet. However I was lucky enough to find a perfect dietition in Chandigarh Dr. Madhu Sharma!

  2. I have seen people in Chandigarh wasting half of their salary in clearing up those long hospital bills without knowing that they could save their hard earned money by just keeping a check on their diet. It is really good that these dietitians are working hard to improve the lifestyles and health in the most natural ways. How you relieved will surely be interesting and inspiring Smita I will love to hear!

  3. Yes even I am looking for a dietitian who can help my daughter. These teenagers are really ignorant about long-term benefits of a healthy diet. She loves fast foods a major cause of her increasing weight. I need guidance to provide her with healthy food for a well-built physique and better health.

  4. Well it was my best friends advice to consult Dr. Madhu. To be very honest I have consulted few other dietitians too but with minimal results. Dr. Madhu is really different well experienced and polite. As Kitty is looking to deal with her daughters obesity she specializes in obesity and child nutrition. So she will be an ideal choice for you.

    As far my story is considered I would like to brief it in two lines. What I learned from her is that a balanced diet focuses on two things:

    Eating the right type of foods.
    Eating in right quantity.

  5. Great. I would love to add something here, the truth is that no nutrient can work in isolation. And this is what the dietitians work on they offer a combination to reap the maximum benefits.

  6. Thank you Smita I would definitely follow your advice and get my daughter to the best dietitian in Chandigarh!

  7. I agree with Naveen. It is the combination of the best nutrients, which make you fit and free from physical disorders. Dt. Madhu provided me the perfect diet solution and the result is visible to the world.

  8. I have one more question for Smita. I just want to confirm is there any physiotherapy treatment involved in the packages offered by her? Did she advised you some exercise?

  9. Hello Kitty! As far my diet plans are concerned, there were no physiotherapy treatment or specific exercises included. Though she always advises to be regular with morning walk and some easy exercise to keep one fit, yet her diet plans are sufficient to meet all your needs.

  10. Dt. Madhu taught us so much and without her my sister wouldn’t be in the positive spot she is in now. She really helped me a lot in bringing out my sister from the stressful dilemma she was undergoing and that with her diet chart. If again ever a stressful time will bring out any of such eating disorders in the future, Ms. Madhu will be the first person I’d call.

  11. I had a wonderful experience with Dt. Madhu. I absolutely loved it. I consulted her to adopt a balanced diet in my routine to stay fit and healthy. It feels overwhelming to think about how many calories I’m consuming. Ufff!! But, the knowledge and guidance I gained from her made it easy for me to understand my diet. It’s been a year with her now and I think receiving daily feedback from Ms. Madhu is the difference to health success. “

  12. It is challenging, stimulating and gratifying all at once! Each and every day is unlike the next and you constantly learn new things about yourself and you feel good too. The diet plan she gave me keeps me active and fresh. I love to eat whatever she has selected for me. Dt, Madhu is highly recommended. Everybody should visit her once and they’ll be satisfied, for sure. Thanks mam.

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