Temporary Tattoos Not a Bad Option to get inked With!

Posted by Disha Singh on October 20, 2008

Temporary tattoos are best option for those who wish to flaunt their skin with a tattoo but do not wish its permanence.

Permanence is one strong reason which repels and attracts one to get tattooed.

Sharpie tattoos by Todditron are another best way to flaunt your skin in black extraordinary tattoo design. The Sharpie tattoos are designs made with broad-narrow lines drawn on the skin.
These sharpie tattoos can also be helpful to some of you who are in search of a tattoo design which is totally unusual.

Image Credit: Todditron

One thought on “Temporary Tattoos Not a Bad Option to get inked With!”

  1. I like the designs of the tattoos.. Especially the one on the legs. If this were tattooed for sure will cause lots of pain. I tried sharpie tattoo before, I was warned by a medical educated friend that this type of temporary tattoo is not good for the skin.

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