Quickly repair broken Crocs Flip flop during Lockdown (DIY)

Posted by Disha Singh on May 2, 2020

During this distressing phase of lockdown it is difficult to measure a problem as big or small. We know there are truly many big problems in the world but for us who are at home during lockdown broken slipper (flip flop) became a major concern since many days.

broken slipper

Then I found that many of my family and friends were sailing on the same boat. For them and other people frustrated with broken chappal/slipper/flipflop this is going to be pretty helpful.


Steps and Process of DIY – fixing broken Flip Flop

  1. Take a carry bag cut the handles as shown in the video. We’re going to use the bag handles as the toe thongs of the strap. These handles are water proof so for me this was the best available option at home apart from thread/cloth piece.


  1. Quickly cut the toe thong smooth to leave the Y-strap looking like V-strap. Remove the knob under the sole. It was difficult to do this in Crocs so I simply used my pair of scissors to do so.

  1. Next I half folded the handle and ran it through the V-shaped strap to make it Y-shaped again and pushed the bag handle inside the toe thong knob hole.


  1. Finally, I tied a thick and strong knot underneath the sole. Cut-off the extra material. And you have a survival slipper/flipflop ready.

Takeaway, If you can remove whole Y-shaped strap then simply take bigger piece of material measure it across the toe thong hole and the holes near the heel. Simply like a ribbon pass through toe knob hole, bring them upwards and tie underneath both holes at the back separately to make perfect Y-shaped strap.