Not Tattooing but Laser Fingernail Etching

Posted by Disha Singh on December 27, 2007

Not Tattooing but Laser Fingernail Etching

Today, my friend Scott sent something amazing… You might have heard and seen of fingernail tattoos but now there is a new way to adorn you fingernails i.e. with Laser Engraving.

Yes, Martin and Bre showed their latest “new year project” of engraving fingernails on Make thus giving a new idea to the people.

They have shown process of laser etching on a video which seems to be pretty painful process but really is not. They have made use of 25W engraving laser to do the fingernail etching with the help of a computer controlled plotter-type device with their hand restrained inside it during the procedure. (Source: Modblog)

They chose calender as their design and look forward to cut each growing month as it passes.

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