Mold Sun tan into painless Tattoos!

Posted by Disha Singh on October 14, 2007

Sun Tattoo

Sun tan or Sun Tattoo which word increases your curiosity? I know, it is Sun Tattoo. It will be so good to tattoo your skin without pain but the sweet pricks and humming of the tattoo gun will surely be missed.

People deliberately sleep under sun to tan their skin, how about taking that tan in a shape of a tattoo design? Looking back into few years, Jose Marin Pares, from Barcelona, noticed a sun brown trace on the wrist that was left behind by his wrist-watch. He thought this concept can be used to make tattoos with the help of stickers.

He materialized his idea and cut various tattoo designs in shape of stencils to sell at his official website: Barnadreams.com

To get these tattoos onto your skin simply, remove the internal holes of the tattoo sticker. Carefully remove the sticker from the stencil and stick the stencil on the skin. Bake yourself in sun or use UV rays for two hours per day for 4 to 5 days. Remove the stencil and there you with a brown visible invisible tattoo.

Wang UV tattoo stencil
(Yu-Chiao Wang’s Design)

Recently, a Chinese designer, Yu-Chiao Wang, has designed a soft stencil which will do the same work as Mr. Pares’ stencils with the difference of size – Wang’s stencil is bigger. However, her concept sun-tattoo stencil is yet to hit the market but is eagerly awaited by tattoo freaks.

Darker Side

Every coin has two sides, similarly, every tattoo has duo-effects–good and bad. Perhaps, these tattoos are painless but they are temporary and last for only 3-4 months. Moreover, due to regular exposure to UV rays there is a risk of skin cancer. Actually, ultraviolet radiation in sunlight creates free radicals that damage DNA in skin cells and cause abnormal growth, which later leads to skin cancer. Insufficient internal antioxidants can prevent that damage. If you don’t have them then Sun Tattoo is not your cup of tea!