How to optimize videos for your business on you-tube in 2016

Posted by Varun Sharma on June 20, 2015

In my 10 years long career, I have read lot of books and certainly Sean V BradleyGoogleopoly book I recently bought was one of the good buys that helped in writing and practicing this strategy for video optimization.

Especially, the video optimization chapter was the best one, though a basic start but the examples are good enough to keep you glued to the book and I have been using the same in my small 40 people digital marketing company for enhancing their skills as well. You can see the short video below as an example I used in my company:


To be honest, not only the book, video and the PDF will help you get business from you-tube. They are just basic set ups that are necessary to get the best out of your video optimization campaigns. You will need to have a perfect strategy in-place i.e. an astounding idea, perfect study of your target audience, paid campaign if required and an innovative mind on how to produce share and likes for your video, in simple words, “to make it viral you need to be creative”.

Try out for Results of Video SEO in 30 days:

Example 1 for Video Optimization:

I had done video optimization 3 years back and was able to rank most of the videos for New York based handyman client and honestly speaking, things have changed a lot since then, the way Google rank videos now is a way different then it ranked 3 years back.

So for 2015, What can be the right strategy?

What I Feel –

Well till you are not in the playground yourself and you do not have the right stats, you just can’t predict things.

Following that idea in my mind, I have started trying the same as below myself:

I created a video for one of my client. “Apixel.com.sg

Time Tenure till now: 30 Days

Video Created and Used:


Targets to Achieve for the Video Optimization Campaign:

  1. To rank “IT Support and IT Services Singapore”  phrasal keyword on Google.com.sg on search engine in Organic and Video Tabs.
  2. To rank “IT Support Singapore” for an exact match keyword on Google.com.sg on search engine in Organic and Video Tabs.
  3. Another target is to rank the video for “Brand Searches” i.e. “Apixel IT Support” keyword on top 5 positions.

Note: Keyword selection is done, according to analytical stats and SEM Rush tool.

Note: We already rank on TOP 1st page for Organic and Local rankings for the client on the keywords so now the main JOB is to rank the video in Top 100 and then in Top 10.

Results Achieved so Far for the Video Optimization Campaign:

  • Brand Keyword “Apixel IT Support” – Top 5 positions – Achieved
Video Optimization Example for Brands 2015
Video Optimization Example for Brands in 2015
  • IT Support Singapore –  1st Position on Video Tabs – Achieved and 116th Position on Organic Ranking – In Progress
How to Optimize Videos in 2015
How to Optimize Videos in 2015
  • IT Support and Services Singapore –  2nd Position on Video Tab Rank – Achieved and 120th Position for Organic Ranking – In Progress

So, the best part is that with-in 30-45 days of small part of optimization gave me some effective results. I cannot share the traffic data of my clients but can give you an idea that my Google analytical goal triggered results.

Moving ahead, I will be updating the results for the same by further optimization every month.

If anyone followed the same strategy and have better ideas please share your comments below.

 Example 2:

Client: CotyTech.com

Challenge: To rank and optimize current videos for keyword “Apple Monitor Mounts”


Video SEO Results
Video SEO Results 2