Posted by Disha Singh on January 4, 2008

Tattoo of Allen Falkner

These are Allen Falker’s hands, who is a tattoo artist, body piercer, keen photographer and a suspension practitioner. He has recently started doing Laser Tattoo Removal and says following about his new profession:

In July of 2007 I started my new career as a laser technician specializing in pigment reduction and tattoo removal. Ironic? No not really. Why did I chose laser tattoo removal as my next profession? It was actually the next logical step. There are so many people with tattoos that need to be fixed. Honestly I think most people with multiple tattoos want something fixed, reworked or changed. Although I’m happy to do total removal, my true goal is to lighten existing tattoos to create new canvas for the people that want or need a change.

His new business is called ‘Fade Fast‘ and looks forward to have main focus on it in this New Year.