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En route into my Memory Lane

Posted by Disha Singh on June 21, 2014


The Days were bright and sunny
The lives were full and funny
There were no smiles but carefree laughter
The days passed playing and nights slipped into sound slumber
No worries, no pain
At that we had was mere gain

The roads are same
The heart is same
But today what has changed is my Name!


Happy Birthday Mom

Posted by Varun Sharma on April 24, 2014

Image by Naresh

You got me into this world
And granny got you into this world
No wonder our world’s are different
But the love and affection is same

Wish everyday of your life to be as cheerful as today
And may this year Brings in
More good health with no pain at all
And, yes off course lot of happiness and prosperity.


No sight of you around…

Posted by Varun Sharma on March 8, 2014
Since that dark day and cold night
My eyes are always trying to scan my surrounding
For a glimpse of you ….


Love – How to be like Thee…

Posted by Varun Sharma on February 23, 2014
I know the love means happiness
I know the love means freedom
I also know the love means understanding

Thou learned so much…
Never we miss a chance to be selfish!
To put restriction, to do this or not to do that
To hurt thy love with thy piercing words
Which penetrate the heart to make it bleed

Still after these words, we sit to say
Darling ‘I Love You’
And my life is nothing without you
But I cannot assure when will I hurt you again

But, Yes your love for me always make me feel trivial
As I try to be jovial
But always fails to be Imperial…



Posted by Disha Singh on February 15, 2014

Wish you understood me better as a person I am…
Wish I dreamt not so high and stand where today I am…
And not be judgmental on every act of your
Wish the day didn’t pour
And heart din get sour
I need no stars but some symbolic flowers

To do and to explain why not done
Are two poles of the earth
On which we stand to see Sun from each point together

The child heart lurking inside me
Wants to be pampered, cared and loved
To the bosom of my mother…

Wish I can grow up never
And live like a child forever n forever….!



Burn heal -Part 2

Posted by Disha Singh on November 29, 2012

See guys what happened. After effects of oil burns. I’m regularly applying that coconut oil mixture.

Hope marks get erased.


Burn heal

Posted by Disha Singh on November 28, 2012
Ah! A painful holiday. Had planned for a great Gurupurab but sadly I burnt my whole arm with hot oil. Thank god face was saved and with immediate treatment right now I’m feeling little better but major burnt areas are burning in constant interval ๐Ÿ™

Actually As I u laid makki ki roti on tawa the hot oil splashed on my left arm. It was worse and painful after 5mins. Guys never ignore it, treat the hot burn immediately with ice/cold water otherwise things get worse.

Wish even I treated it at the earliest. Anyways nothing could be done now.

However you can know how to treat hot oil burns:

Immediately apply ice for half an hour then wipe it and put ointment or home remedy for burns like me.

home remedy is mixture coconut, rattan jot and rasaunth. By applying this no marks will be found after healing. I’ll update you guys if it was successful on my part. Keep reading.



Loveliest mehndi ever!

Posted by Disha Singh on November 27, 2012

On this Karvachauth Varun there was a very different and affectionate way to put mehndi. It was he who did mehndi tattoo on my hands for I was unwell and no mehndi artist was coming home to tattoo.

This mehndi is the loveliest one I have ever put after the ones my mom used to put on my hands with a toothpick when I was a kid on her Karvachauth.

Mehndi is Varun’s favorite as it contains everything he likes from Sheesha, bike, play station, to many more….

Now on every Karvachauth he’ll be putting mehndi on my hands…. He he he


Dear love without you

Posted by Disha Singh on October 10, 2012

Dear love without you
Life seemed tiny,
And I didn’t feel like spending a penny,

Without you my love
The food was never tasty
And heart became nasty

Without you my love
My faovourite timepass
Became trespass

Without you my love
There’s no excitement for shopping
As there was nobody to appreciate it
And everything went sloping

Without you my love
Friends were still cool
But heart said don’t make my fool

Without you being here my love
I recalled all those arguments, talks, walks together …
And felt it is always awesome being together
We were not doing good great things but made things great together

When you were not here
There were eyes with tears
heart with fear
And life without gear…




Merry Christmas!

Posted by Disha Singh on December 24, 2007
Merry Christmas
(Photo by Johnny Blood/Flickr)

“Merry Christmas” to all our privileged reader around the globe.