26 best things from the 90s that will bring smile to your face

Posted by Varun Sharma on February 15, 2015

No matter how successful you may have become in your late twenties and early thirties, but that childhood in the 90s is something that you will always long for. Being a kid in the 90s was fun; it was more than Android and iOS. Playing pittu was favorite pastimes in recess during school hours, while playing cricket or chatting with friends over a game of carom board was the hide out from studies back home. If you are a 90’s Indian Kid, here are twenty-five things that will make you smile and feel nostalgic all the way.

1. Parle-G was a staple diet. It was the first thing you had with a glass of milk, and carried to school.

parle g glucose biscuits2. Nothing like the refreshing smell of Nutties! Though, opening its tin foil inside the main box was always a task.

cadburys nutties


3. A vital part of your school bag arsenal, the Milton water bottles always played a handy role in fights too.

https://vardish.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/02/Milton school water bottles


4. We called them PT shoes, aka White Fleet Shoes. When they got dirty, you could get them shinning again with chalk.

White PT Shoes


5. You’d wait all through the primary days to be able to write with a Reynolds ball pen. And how smooth was it!

reynolds pen

6. Popsicles (pipes with flavored ice) was mandatory after school. Cola was my favorite – yours?



7. Those breathtaking stories in the Reader’s Digest are still fresh in the mind.

readers digest

8. You’d be marked the geek of the class if you walked in with a floppy disk in your hand.

floopy disks

 9. The red and black Natraj pencils, and the lovey ad – “Yeh laga sixer, Natraj fir champion.”

nataraj pencils

 10. Mango frooti, Fresh and juicy! That flavor was just so purely fruity.

Mango Frooti

 11. Probably all of us had gotten immune listening to ad – “Washing powder Nirma, Washing powder Nirma, Doodh si safedi, Nirma se aayi.”

washing powder nirma


12. Available in Red, green, blue orange, and other colors of the rainbow, Parle Poppins was the candy to go to.


13. The sweet chalky cigarette were our way to imitate our adults. The cigarettes were white with a reddish tip.

Sweet cigarettes

14. We were obsessed with Mario and contra. Two video games that were our bread and butter in computer labs.

mario contra


15. The Gold Spot carbonated soft drink that Coke and Pepsi drinkers wouldn’t have even heard of.

Gold Spot


16. The non-dust eraser rubbed it clean and also left no dust. It was such a delight!


17. Being in the game parlour, playing Road Fighter Game by inserting a rupee in the ‘insert coin’ slot of the arcade machine.

road fighter


18. Playing Audio Cassettes  with favorite songs on the Walkman was everyone’s favorite thing.

audio cassettes


19. You’d spend all your vacations covering your books and notebooks with brown covers and sticking these name stickers on them.

labels for books


20. GI*JOE toys were your personal army. You’d fight endless battles and win every time you played with that bad guy.



21. Crazy balls were really crazy and we were crazier trying to bounce them off the walls in a closed room. I’ve bruised my eyes many times doing it.

crazy balls


22. These lead replaceable pencils were just so good to write with. But if you missed one of these replaceable leads you were doomed.

lead pencils

23. Fiddling with the TV antenna on rooftop and shouting to confirm the display clarity was something everyone couldn’t do to perfection.

tv antenna

24. There were other games and then there were these glass marbles (Bante).

Glass marbles Bante

 25. Kodak camera with film rolls. You had to be extra sure before clicking a picture since what you clicked could only be seen when the roll was developed.

kodak camera reel

26. Who can forget Karur Singh of Chandar Kanta  and his favourite dialogue Yakku!!

karur singh