10 Unique Cafes – You will not believe exist

Posted by Varun Sharma on July 31, 2021

A freshly brewed cup of coffee is the perfect way to recharge yourself that instantly refreshes you and gears you up for the day. A café is the best place to unwind, catch up with friends, have informal meetings, or relish a good cup of cappuccino, Latte, a Macchiato, or any other coffee of your choice.

Finding such a refreshing coffee shop especially on the go is a challenge in itself. Do we go for the coffee flavors or the uniqueness of the cafés? There are innumerable cafés around the world and to help you narrow down a go-to café when you travel, below is a list of 10 unique café across the world.

These cafés are a must-visit when you are in the country or the town. These will surely find a place in your travelogue for their quirkiness and uniqueness and be a part of your memories.

  1. Brigit’s Bakery Bus Tour (London, England)

When in London, a visit to this café is a must. To relish a good cup of coffee on the wheels, this café inside a double-decker bus is an extended outlet of the main Brigit’s Bakery in London. The tour of the bus lasts for about 90 minutes and passes by some worth seeing landmarks like The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Downing Street, and Westminster Abbey. Afternoon Tea can wait as Brigit’s Bakery Bus Tour, without a doubt, tops the most astounding cafés.

  1. The Attendant (London, England)
the attendant cafe
Credit: Somethingdifferent.london

Another must-visit café in London is by two friends in England who redesigned, renovated and transformed a public washroom which was underground into a café called the Attendant coffee shop. They transformed the urinals and converted them into countertops. Quite a start, worth the visit!

  1. The Laundromat Cafe (Copenhagen, Denmark)
the laundromat cafe
Credit: Facebook the laundromat cafe

Visiting Denmark on your next holiday? Well! Established in 2004, this unique café in Copenhagen called the Laundromat Café is a must-visit. It is a combination of a coffee shop and a laundry. You can eat, socialize, read, surf and well, do your laundry.

  1. Avocaderia — (New York City, New York)

If you love avocado, this unique café based in New York City in New York is a must-visit. The food here is all prepared based on this one fruit. They serve bowls, toasts, wraps, and much more made out of avocado.

  1. Tori no Iru (Tokyo, Japan)

If you are a bird lover then café Tori no Iru is the right place to pay a visit. You can enjoy your cup of coffee interacting with different kinds of birds flying over your head. Out of many, you can surely feel the presence of parakeets, owls, and several birds of prey such as hawks.

  1. The Note Coffee (Hanoi)

The note café is unique in itself as it is decorated by thousands of notes which have been written by visitors all over the world. The chairs, tables, and walls all are covered with these notes describing the liveliness and the ambiance giving a homely feeling. All the guests coming to this amazing café leave messages on colorful papers for visitors in the future.

  1. Disaster Café (Lloret de Mar, Spain)


Apart from enjoying the Spanish tomatoes and salsa, a uniquely located café is the Disaster café. It adds to its uniqueness as it creates an earthquake of a magnitude of 7.8 along with every order. This splendid café, known for its craziness, is anything but disastrous.

  1. Shakespeare and Company Café (Paris)


Hear ye, Hear ye, Bibliophiles! When in Paris, a must-visit café for all the book lovers is the Shakespeare and Company café which is located inside the book store which is more than a century old. So, you can browse through books while enjoying a stimulating cup of coffee. Heaven!

  1. Dans Le Noir (Paris)


Can you hear the vielle à roue playing in the background by now or is it just us? Another unique visit should be to this café which is different from others as the entire dining is without any light and nothing is visible. The food served is from a surprise menu and thus the guests have no idea about what they are going to eat. All the people serving the food in this exclusive café are blind.

  1. Chill Out Ice Lounge (Dubai, UAE)

After a gazillion reasons to love Dubai, there sure is another. The entire interior of this café is totally made of ice. The chairs, tables as well as all sculptures inside the café are totally made of ice. As it is very chilly on the inside and it becomes difficult to enter the café without adequate clothing, all the appropriate clothing, as well as other material, are provided by the café before entering the cool lounge.

When you plan your next trip, don’t forget to visit these exceptional cafes around the world and capture some crazy memories while enjoying some exquisite food and coffee. Each of these cafés that have made it to the list has something special to offer whether in terms of ambiance or terms of food or location. Take your pick or visit them all. Happy Globetrotting!

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