Installing Two Brothers Carbon Fiber Exhaust Gt650r Hyosung

Posted by Varun Sharma on June 21, 2014
Scorching heat but at last i have finally installed a new two brothers carbon fiber exhaust on my bike Hyosung GT 650r.

Thanks to my Bro Guradesh for supporting me and guiding me through the entire installation.

Guradesh and Varun installing two brothers carbon fibre exhaust

Review of Two Brothers Carbon Fiber Exhaust

Price – Quite expensive, thought would get it from ebay for the said amount of 27,000 however here is the tricky part, had to pay 9000 extra for the import duty, so actual cost went to 35k.

Delivery – Ordered from Ebay.com (US Florida) and got it delivered with-in 20 days.

Installation – Quite easy installation although i was a mere spectator and the installation was carried out by Guradesh. The steps are below:

1. Removed the Exhaust using the l and key set provided with the bike. Needed a 13 and 16 inch key as well to remove the bolts.

2. Easily removed, however one bolt to the inner side of the bike was a pain in the a**.

3. Got the new exhaust and added the glue within the tube to the exhaust, removed the inner ring with the old exhaust and simply refixed the bolts and ready to go!

Noise – It sounds like hell, just what i needed.

Uploaded a video below of Two Brothers Carbon Fiber Exhaust:

Next step is to check the performance. Will monitor and update in my next blogpost.

I hope the video works, trying a new method of embedding you-tube video 😉