Palm Tattoo: Screaming Hand

Posted by Disha Singh on June 16, 2008

Brian Thrasher from California, USA is a hard core skater, who has inked the art of Jim Phillips, the screaming hand, on his palm by Zombie Tattoo in Norco Ca.

Being a skateboarding aficionado his fingers wears “sk8 or die” tattoo.

However, palm tattoo is not common because of its least durability. You’ll have to try hard to find out tattooed palms. There are several reasons behind its paucity — it’s painful, prone to diseases and fall out faster because the skin on your hands regenerates faster than other body parts.

When asked about his palm tattoo, he said, “Yes it has faded but it still is pretty good for a palm tattoo I have a touch up session planned soon.”

So, all you people out there if ever you had thought for a new place to etch your skin, it can be your hand with much pain and less colorful life but most unusual placement! 🙂