Best Rated Television Series of all Time

Posted by Varun Sharma on June 22, 2015
Below i have shared the list of top 3 television series, I do believe are one of the finest when it comes to watch television and keeps you glued to it. However, opinions may differ according to choices and i would be more than happy if you can share your thoughts in the comment section as well. My choices are towards crime, thriller, horror and action genre so below list is a compilation from the thoughts directing to the same.

1. Prison Break

Prison break
Prison break

One of the best television series when it comes to action, thriller and suspense. The story revolves around “Michael Scofield” a brilliant civil engineer who is desperate to free his older brother “Lincoln Burrows” from the schakles of law and prison. The first season one of my best is just awesome! The way Scofield plans a prison escape, his story in prison with other inmates is just great. The suspense and adrenaline rush is such that you will just want to finish the entire season by watching it 24/7 and believe me i have seen around 45 minutes of 10 episodes without break.

The 2nd and 3rd season carries with the same momentum, the killings, the time in other prisons and Scofield prison break from SONA – a cruel jail in Panama just keep you to the end of your seat. Not to mention the acting of the characters is just outstanding from small time-plays to large time-plays each character just make this television series more and more interesting.

However, there is a small drawback season 4 is little boring and cannot be compared as such to the chill in spine that the other season creates. Despite that, it is one of the best television series that you will come across.

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Some common FAQ’s about Prison Break:

  • how many seasons of prison break – There are in total four seasons of Prison Break.
  • prison break season 5 release date – The season 5 for prison break will not be coming.
  • does sarah die in prison break? – No, Sarah does not die in Prison Break, she is seen at the end of the series with flowers on Michael’s grave.

2. The Walking Dead

the walking dead
The walking dead

Well do you like zombie movies, are you a resident evil fan? If you are, then you are certainly going to like this horror television series. The series is still moving on and revolves around a story and journey of sheriff “Rick Grimes“. All the seasons are equally good and keep your spirits high. The characters are engaging in each season and my favourite one is “Daryl Dixon”. I was so much carried away by the series that i also brought its PS3 Edition and played the whole game as well.

Whether you talk about “The Governor/Phillip Blake” gruesome character or Glenn Rhee innocent face and love story, each phase has its own beautiful side. The human flesh eating people at “Terminus” concept is also really well laid out. Talking about zombies, they look real and are terrifying.

Looking forward to see the next season and lets see what new it brings and if it holds to the expectations and anticipation that another seasons have created.

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3. Breaking Bad 

Breaking Bad
Breaking Bad


Totally unique concept, entirely different from the other two series, “Breaking Bad” is as best as it gets. An intelligent chemistry professor “Walter White” creating drugs to save the future of his family as he is suffering from deadly disease of cancer, a lunatic student “Jesse Pinkman” selling drugs for him, introduction to cruel mafia lord kings and all twists and turns makes “Breaking Bad” one of the best in its class.

The above two characters just bring so much life to the series that you almost say “WOW” after watching each single episode. I personally also like the funny character of “Hank Schrader” who plays as brother-in-law of “Walter White” and is the Top cop of the region where both Walter and Jesse start their drug racket. Each and every drug deal has some new twist attached to it which makes each season so good to watch. My favourite was “Tuco Salamanca” the psychopathic Mexican drug lord and the second season contains best of my breaking bad episodes. However, Walter hired lawyer Saul Goodman is also fantastic who later connects him with the private investigator and fixer Mike Ehrmantraut and in turn Mike’s employer, drug kingpin Gus Fring.

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Some common FAQ’s about Breaking Bad:

  1. Is breaking bad season 6 happening or is there any episode 1 of season 6? – The answer is “NO”. There was a major hoax that said that the season will be coming but unfortunately there is no such episode that has aired.
  2. how many seasons of breaking bad are there? – There are total 5 seasons of breaking bad aired on the television network till now.