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Mold Sun tan into painless Tattoos!

14-October-2007 , 9:55 am , Chandigarh , By: Disha Singh
Categories: Tattoos & Body Art

Sun tan or Sun Tattoo which word increases your curiosity? I know, it is Sun Tattoo. It will be so good to tattoo your skin without pain but the sweet pricks and humming of the tattoo gun will surely be missed. People deliberately sleep under sun to tan their skin, how about taking that tan in a shape of a tattoo design? Looking back into few years, J...

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Our Best Memories

For us everyday enfolds best of it, as each day is a blessing for us. Still we wanted to keep an online album to look back at some pictures which, captured very special moments of VarDish, as a throwback of past events in life.

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