Paul Booth tattoos Artful Stitches joining Skull

Posted by Disha Singh on May 13, 2009

Tattoos are great pieces of art which an artist etches on the skin of his client till death. This art of permanent decorating your body has advanced day by day. Improved tattooing machines, inks, techniques and even diverse designs are giving tattooists cut-throat competition to keep their name alive.

Here, we a piece inked by award winning tattoo artist Paul Booth of Last Rites Tattoo, NY. His work brings images of death and mayhem to mind. He is famous in the tattoo industry for inking life-like evil characters.


Ruler Tattoo

Posted by Disha Singh on December 22, 2007
ruler tattoo

Mikey Sklar has an 8″ ruler tattooed on his right forearm. He uses it to measure everything from measuring PVC diameter to wire lengths as told on

He is in embedded hardware design and spend his time doing experimental building, transportation and energy these days, therefore, the tattoo gets used daily, he said.