How well you know Homemade Tattoos?

Posted by Disha Singh on March 9, 2008
Yes guys, today I’m here to talk about Homemade Tattoos.

First and the foremost thing to remember is – do not share your needle or ink with anyone as this increases the risk of infection.

Making tattoo ink is a work of patience: Light some candles or ‘diyas’, collect the soot and mix this soot in mustard oil. The ink is ready.

Okay, let’s start making the tattoo needles: Take a piece of bamboo and cut it into very thin needles from this piece make as many as possible, as while tattooing you won’t have to take break to make new needles. First make the outline of the tattoo design by dipping the tip of needles into the ink and then pricking it into your skin. Combine some more needles together and use it for shading the outlined tattoo (the number of needles will consider the width of the line). Then fill the design by pricking ink into the skin with the help of numerous needles.

The procedure of making tattoo ink and tattoo needles is given by a local tattooist Aman Devrani.

Some people use sewing needles also but a great care should be taken to sterilise the needle.

You people might be happy to know how you can ink yourself without spending a huge amount. Hold on for a second and realise this fact that the price charged by your tattooist is for your safety and good. The ink and machines used by the professional tattoo artists are made especially for tattooing synonym to your health safety. Remember there is no price for good health.

Homemade tattoos are also made by using ballpoint pens, fabric paints (which are toxic), and tattoo guns made with small motors and metal wires. By not following proper hygiene and precautions people put themselves at risk for infections including hepatitis-c, HIV, Staphylococcus Aureus and various other life threatening diseases.