A Memorable Trip to Manali in 2014

Posted by Disha Singh on January 5, 2015
The year 2014 had been a remarkable year with full of fun with friends, colleagues and family. It has been a splendid journey and would hope to make it even more magnificent in 2015. One of such moments were collaborated by and Amazing journey we had in July to Manali, some pics and highlights shared below:

The Manali Trip

Kunal Sir and Varun

The Manali Trip in July with Disha, Kunal Sir and Sherry was an amazing and memorable trip. The trip started with a Bang with chocolate biscuits and ended at The Willow Cafe in Chandigarh with a superb coffee.

The main highlights were the:

  • The Coffee shop near Naggar Castle – An amazing coffee shop with great taste of coffee and vast collection of delicious cakes.

Cafe near naggar manali

  • The Italian Restaurant in Naggar – Nightingale – Lovely dinner at the Italian Restaurant down the lane from Naggar Castle, Had pizza and pasta especially cooked for the newly wed Sherry and Kunal Sir with a bottle of Champagne.


  • Dharma Thakkur – The Facebook Addict residing with a small shop at top of the ZANA Falls – With cold Beer from the middle of the falls, hot maggi served and with Laal chawal and Lingdu sabzai a special recipe 🙂 was Kunal sir and disha’s favorite. Dharma Thakkur, who can forget the chap, a Facebook Fan with a Facebook profile, who says that internet and Facebook has not reached the end chores of India.

Dharma Thankur Zana Falls

“Say Hi to Dharma Thakkur”


“In The middle of ZANA Falls”


“Ready for Trekking – Near Zana Falls”

Trekking Manali

“Setting up the tent near ZANA Falls ;-)”

  • The Ghost House near Disha’s Masi house – The wrong turn that took right at the door step of a spooky haunted house, we explored and nobody came to answer until we heard strange noises and had to run back to the car.

Ghost in Manali

photo 2

“And who can forget the lovely dinner at her place”

  • Kunal sir Car that supported us throughout the trip From Chandigarh to Manali to Manikaran and back to chandigarh

Kunal sir car

  • Journey to Anjani Mahadev and Horse riding near Solang Valley. A 1 hour riding from Solang to Anjani Mahadev was a adventurous experience. With broken bridges, cold fast flowing river to shattered roads, it was a great trek.

horse riding angani mahadev

“Starting of the Journey to Anjani Mahadev from Solang”

Enjoying Falls Anjani Mahadev

“At Anjani Mahadev Falls”

Anjani Mahadev

“Enjoying Cold Fast Flowing River at Anjani Mahadev”

  • Stay at the Morpheus cottages near Raison – The river Side cottages was just a icing needed on the delicious trip 🙂 of the last day. Small but luxurious cottages with a breakfast of Makkhan and Pranthas was great indeed.

Morpheus Raison Review

  • Kunal Sir and Me, were again put to work with “Kunal sir had to catch trout fish” and i had to do marketing for Himachal Government at Naggar falls to sell there shawls 🙂 – Was a Gala Time!!


“Kunal Sir and the trout fish Catch”

Marketing-Naggar-Castle“Marketing is in Blood :)”