Tattooist Inks Blunder on a Cats fan

Posted by Disha Singh on November 13, 2007
Recently, a Phuket tattooist inked an extraordinary tattoo on the arms of a Geelong supporter. Poor Neville had never thought that his idea of celebrating the team’s premiership victory with a tattoo would leave everyone mocking at him.

He spent around $150 to get his team inked as “Gay Premiers 2007” 😆 – misspelled “Day”.

The tattooist opened doors of his stupidity when he inked exactly same words from a piece of paper on which Neville had clearly instructed what to be tattooed on right and left arm under the heading: “Right Arm” and “Left Arm”. The tattooist became the king of all copy-cats when he copied the “Right Arm” and “Left Arm” also, which were written on the paper to make the delineation clearer.

Last year something similar happened for which the tattooist was sued by the customer who wanted a Boca Juniors logo on his back but got a lewd penis tattoo by the tattooist because the artist was a supporter of River Plate– Boca Juniors rival. Poor guy could not see what his artist was inking on his back, as he was not provided with a mirror. 😆

Therefore, it’s a humble request to keep a vigilant eye on your artist before he/she gives you a remorseful body art.