Burn heal

Posted by Disha Singh on November 28, 2012
Ah! A painful holiday. Had planned for a great Gurupurab but sadly I burnt my whole arm with hot oil. Thank god face was saved and with immediate treatment right now I’m feeling little better but major burnt areas are burning in constant interval 🙁

Actually As I u laid makki ki roti on tawa the hot oil splashed on my left arm. It was worse and painful after 5mins. Guys never ignore it, treat the hot burn immediately with ice/cold water otherwise things get worse.

Wish even I treated it at the earliest. Anyways nothing could be done now.

However you can know how to treat hot oil burns:

Immediately apply ice for half an hour then wipe it and put ointment or home remedy for burns like me.

home remedy is mixture coconut, rattan jot and rasaunth. By applying this no marks will be found after healing. I’ll update you guys if it was successful on my part. Keep reading.