Temporarily Hide or Change your Tattoo with Make-Up

Posted by Disha Singh on November 4, 2007
Judith August’s Killer Tattoo Cover
(Photo: Judith August’s Killer Cover)
Tattoos are beautiful but at some places they raise proverbial eyebrows and the first thought that strikes your mind is the laser tattoo removal. Hold on, that’s not the ultimate solution of this issue, as at some other place the same tattoos would look very cool, so, opt for something which displays your tattoos according to your comfort and choice – Tattoo Cover-up cosmetics!

Yes, with the help of cosmetic products you can neatly cover your tattoos and be confidently comfortable to visit any place. Moreover, you’ll save a big amount and pain, which you’ll undergo during the laser tattoo removal. This is not a new phenomenon and there are numerous such products flowing in the market.

You can use these cosmetic products to cover as well as change the design of your tattoo. Now, you might be scratching your head…how can a tattoo design be changed? Simply, you can cover a portion of your tattoo thus, resulting to a new tattoo design as shown in the image below.
Changed Tattoo Design with Make-up

As mentioned above there are many tattoo cover-up cosmetics available in the market but here are my top 5 picks: Joe Blasco’s Tattoo Cover, Judith August’s Killer Cover, NeoStrata’s CoverBlend, CoverMark and DermaBlend.

However, some tattoo cover-ups in market are not water-resistant, as a result they won’t give you a satisfactory swathe therefore, it is recommended to use a waterproof tattoo cover cosmetics for better effect.