Top 15 Strategies for Ecommerce Link Building in 2019

Posted by Varun Sharma on January 19, 2019

In 2019, the smart move in link building strategies for ecommerce websites will help the aggressive and ambitious competitive business market to catch eyes of their online customers.

Eccommerce Link Building
E-commerce Link Building

Those brands that can visualise and accommodate or outstrip the needs of customer and can dexterously engage online shoppers via mobile as well, will be champions in 2016. But those online retailers that follow the conventional brand-centric e-commerce tactics will lose their potential customers and revenue.” – VarDish

How to make links for Ecommerce website is hard process. It’s not a hidden fact. Whether you are doing ecommerce link building services for a client or working to enhance the visibility of your own site, there are some exclusive confrontations you have to face when building links for an e-commerce website.

As we enter 2019, it’s important to have recap of link building approaches of previous year. It will help us to understand the future of link building tactics in a better way. Most of the tricks and techniques for building the links for ecommerce websites will be similar in 2019. It will just be an enhancement of 2018.

2018 Link Building Strategy for Ecommerce Websites which are promoted to 2019

1. Set Up Deal Pages:

Deals Page Eccommerce Website
Deals Page E-commerce Website

Ecommerce websites run numerous deals throughout year. The deal page can be used to earn more links. Below given points will be helpful:

  • It is better to have one common deal page. It will be useful in getting return business. It is better to check for the backlinks of similar deal pages and outreach websites who posts similar deals in your business targeted region for backlinks.
  • Keep track of the relevant competitors and customers. Let bloggers and media know about your deals. If they want to let their followers know about it, they will have to link back to the page.
  • It is better to keep the page up once the sale is done. You can alter the page contents to be more generic. It is good to include links to important categories on your website or give a way to chip in to your mailing list.

2. Run a Contest:

Contests gives an enormous chance to generate links.

Contest Eccomerce website
Contest E-commerce website

You can form them to target specific customers, gratify to their requirements and in turn, make your contents go viral.

There are several types of contests you could use in ecommerce. For example Sweepstakes are easy to run, affordable and can produce great traffic for your ecommerce website.

3. Spend on PR:

Nicely formed PR campaign which is built around crucial event for your business can give good quality editorial links. It is wise to observe services like ProfNet and SourceBottle for media story requests and pitch your ideas. If you’re chosen, you’ll get an editorial link.

4. Change Brand Mentions into Link:

Many times in a month people may refer your brand in their blog or website etc. They may even write about it on their sites, tweet or mention it in their Facebook on regular basis. But they do not regularly link back.Use Buzz Sumo or alerts to track your website mentionsof your brand or products and reach out to those who are using your brand for a link back.

5. Research your competition

:It is better to use a link tool to see where your competitors  are getting their links from and candidly start noting them. You will apparently require unique and catchy content. This process will save your time that you would have spent searching for new sites. It is advisable to ignore the low authority sites. As long as you follow guidelines and give excellent content, it’s only a matter of time before you outshine them.

6. Guest Posting:

It should be the best way of having backlinks for an ecommerce website. The essential part of an effective guest post is targeting right audience related to your business.In your signature or the biography box, you can leave links to your site with specific key words. Search engines use the number of back links as an indication of ranking your website for respective keywords.

7. Get a link from the manufacturer:

It is a good idea to get a link from the manufacturer whose products are sold on your website. Just send them an email and request them for a link that will do the magic.

8. Article submission:

It is an efficient way to get back links. Every now and then they will renounce your submission or take a very long time to approve it, but it is still an ultimate way to boost back links.

9. Interviews:

This is a fantastic way to build links for your ecommerce website. Catch a forerunner in your business and take their interview. People like publicity. In order to find forerunners in your business area do survey. Send emails to them. If they have press page there are 100% chances that they will link to your website.

10. Broken Link Building Redefined:

Make list of products in your business that are terminated, not in stock etc

•       Check 404 pages or websites for those products or keywords (Website can be used: https://www.expireddomains.net)
•       Outreach them to replace the current page with a similar product from your inventory
•       Check the back link of a broken website and outreach them for replacement links

11. Infographics:

Infographics are golden goose for having backlinks and a new technique. A functional embed code raises the amount of backlinks that you achieve from your infographic marketing campaign. whenever someone pastes your embed code on their website, it will show your infographic and a link back to your site.

12. Purchase expired domains

Expired domains in your business field are great sources of getting the links to your websites. First purchase the domain and then redirect it using a 301 redirect to your site, and see the flood of link juice.

13. Google loves Yahoo Answers

Google appears to adore Yahoo answers.  Keep a watch on Yahoo Answers and reply to questions related to your field. Provide good answers and give your website as a source.  It increases your chances of getting  back link to your website. No doubt they are no followed, but if your answer is profitable and valuable, anyone who sees it in the future will click through to your site.

14. RSS feeds:

Feedburner is a fantastic place to submit your RSS feeds, whether they are product or news feeds. They have great domain authority and can send you huge traffic, as well. Other feed assembling websites are also important for submitting product feeds, and they add backlink to your website.

15. Focus on Social Media:

Most of the social media sites gives nofollow links. Therefore  it is  important to focus only on those websites that allow dofollow links. Here are some of the social media websites to get backlinks: YouTube, Hub Pages, WordPress, RedditLinkedIn and many more.

These are some of the most important ecommerce strategies for 2019. No doubt it will continue to grow in 2019. Therefore it is Important to observe the changes minutely in this arena because ecommerce world is going to get very competitive in coming time.