Ear Pointing!

Posted by Disha Singh on December 30, 2007

Ear Pointing

Ear pointing is also known as elf ear. It is a cool way of shaping your helix into an elf’s pointing ears.

There is no health secret behind this shaping and is mere a chic act of body modification. However, it is a procedure of removing small wedge of tissue from the tip of the ear, further suturing together the two edges which requires importantly the postoperative care.

According to :

The procedure itself means a very careful dissection of the structures at the upper pole of the earlobe. The required reshaping is achieved by modellation of a specially designed chondro-cutaneous flap (a flap containing the own cartilage and skin of the patient). The new shape is fixed by means of absorbable sutures, skin closure is made with unabsorbable uninterrupted sutures.

ModernPlasztika is Dr. Lajos Nagy’s clinic that deals in various types of surgeries and body modifications too.

9 thoughts on “Ear Pointing!”

  1. ok so my boyfriend and i really wanna get our ears pointed. if anybody could give me some info on it please do!!!



  2. Too bad that photo is fake. Ear pointing does not extend the ear in any way, it often makes the ear a bit smaller due to tissue removal.

  3. That photo is a fake. Ear pointing doesn’t add on to your ear, yet hers are significantly longer… Nice try with the change of clothes, but would she have the same earrings in with the exact same ponytail? 😕

  4. ppl you all need to quit being so negative i dont think someone is gonna post up fake work… if your on the persons site who does these things i think i would just shut my mouth and not say a word…

    think of this.. just cause you have not seen it in person does not mean it is not possible…

  5. Hello People, Thanks for revealing your mind here.

    You all seems to be arguing upon the image and I’d like to say that the image is from, a website of doctors who also perform this art. does not have any role in it. We posted the news and showed what they presented on their website, as we cannot use an image from anywhere explaining anyonelse’s work.


    Disha Singh 🙂

  6. Did you people ever think that perhaps it is an illusion that the ear is longer do to the removal of the skin and sutures?

    you all make me laugh, can’t you just take art for art?

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