Case Study: How does Social Media helps you in better SEO results?

Posted by Varun Sharma on June 26, 2020

There has been lot of articles written on the topic. The one written on Search Engine land in 2017 by Ron captured nice highlights.

However, below I would be giving a great example on how using Facebook campaign and great content can indeed help your SEO keywords and results.

In other words, getting a decent brand awareness on social media channels help you get good keyword score and help your survive the Google Core Updates.

Example Website: https://www.traderisk.com.au/

Website Niche: The website specializes in providing business insurance to tradesman in Australia.

Now before we start, please check the below SEM Rush graph of last 2 years. The organic traffic has increased and well as the project search terms. (Highlighted in RED)

Social Media and SEO

The competition for the keyword terms are very high, some high-level brokers are competing for the same.  When we reviewed the content in comparison to the competitors the website lacked sufficient information.

So, the question was how does it ranks so well and beat top competitors?

The answer to the query is powerful advertisement and brand awareness on Facebook. So let’s dig deeper.

Example 1:

Powerful Content – Quality content is a key to success and outrank strong competitors. Please review the article link.- Yes, a powerful guide to how much the “targeted audience” is earning, which gets updated every year. The content is a great example on “how to create an article” that will always remain fresh and generate that curiosity among the targeted audience i.e. in this case was “Tradies”.

Results for the same are below:

how much tradies earn


Example 2:

Partnership to Sponsor Content – The 2nd thing done was develop a partnership with a strong Facebook page that was active i.e. Trade Daily. Around “263,564 genuine likes from the targeted audience of “Tradies”.

Result of a sponsored post, can be seen below:

Quality Social Media Post


Conclusion: Create quality content for targeted audience and advertise the same in partnership with relevant Facebook pages and groups. Would surely help you to achieve good expertise, authority and trust for the website content.

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