Answering the Dilemma – how to make your content standout in 2019

Posted by Varun Sharma on January 19, 2019

Content Marketing – Why it is important?

If you are not investing time and money in content writing then you may be missing out on the most important aspect that run through the veins of Digital Marketing!


A glance at some of the interesting statistics that will surely change your prospective about content marketing:

  • A pdf at Oracle states, Content marketing generates 3 times the leads then a paid search campaign per dollar spent
  • 90% of all organizations use content in their marketing efforts
  • On an average 27 million content are shared every day
  • Companies that Blog 15+ times in one month has 5 times more traffic than companies that do not blog

Well the above stats will surely “put a pen in your hand” … if still not impressed then please review a PPT shared by NewsCred on slideshare that highlights 50 Stats You Need to Know About Content Marketing

Factors to be considered for a compelling write-up:

What are the two important elements that come in your mind before you even want to proceed to write a powerful piece of content for your targeted audience?

Still thinking!


Well the answer is UX and UI.

UX refers to the user experience your write-up provides, whereas UI refers to the interface on which it is going to be displayed.

So answer the below 2 questions:

  • What are all the interfaces on which the content is to be displayed (Desktop, Mobile, Tab) and how does the rendering of content looks like on these devices? After Mobile First Index, you should surely consider giving Mobile a top priority.
  • What user experience does it offer (Content in form of videos, images, info-graphics, proper CTA etc)? – Is content clickable and shareable?

Did you know?

  1. Article with images get 94 percent more views than those without.
  2. Posts with videos generate 3 times more inbound links than posts with plain text

If you are a SEO Expert or a Creative writer, you are bound around the words by your clients “WRITE QUALITY CONTENT?”

What pointers really define a quality content?

I will keep it simple and straight:

  • How to create trust? – Is your information correct, do you have supportive facts?
  • Is the content useful to targeted users? – Are those facts useful in anyway?
  • Is the content interesting for the targeted users? – How your content is different from other content? – Is there an emotional pitch, excitement, surprise, and admiration in the flow of content to create a reply from the visitor?

Answer the question – Why are you writing? For whom you are writing? What you want to achieve? Or simply fill in the blanks below:

We’ll become the best ________________ for ___________________ who are interested in __________________. This will help us become the ________________ and ________________. And unlike _____________, we do ______________ differently by _______________.

Scratch your heads and Get Deep Insight of the topic:

Still Thinking which content is good

  • Understand the topic on which you have to write (Get deep insights from the team who is engaged with the project.)
  • Read other blogs (What are they writing, which content on topic has maximum shares etc)
  • Check Q/A for the topic on channels like Quora
  • Get to know the latest trends and hash tags on topic
  • Review any news in trend for the particular topic
  • Any Stats that can be supported

3 Powerful tips to get your message to the right people:

Tip 1: Segment and know your audience:

Who are the targeted audience?

  • Get stats from client or his sales team
  • Previous Demographic Data from analytics (if any)
  • Review stats around the world or local targeted region (if available)
  • Carry out a competitor analysis, you can use free tool like com

Tip 2: After segmenting the audience, get into their shoes and

  • Try to find similarities between their interests
  • How to make a No or Yes from them, how to generate reaction i.e. go against or support them?
  • Understanding whom they follow, what they follow? – Use Follower Wonk to get some insights.

Tip 3: Display the Right Elements:

  • Review additional supporting informational keywords use Google Auto Complete or SEM Rush
  • Review images or info-graphics (Give references)
  • Add some supportive videos with references
  • Any influencer or author you can refer?
  • Any E-book or guide you can refer?

Lets check out a small example of how my team crafted a content for a “Business Insurance” client who wanted to sell insurance to “Plumbers”


Main Motive – Content focused to help the targeted audience to decide, invoke and create a curiosity to buy insurance.

Client Requirement – Topic – Plumber Insurance

Targeted Audience – Plumbers

Targeted Location – Australia

Elements to understand topic:

What issues plumbers usually face?


Examples of any Plumber story (Checked references on internet) –


Need of insurance for Plumbers (Checking the growth and stats for need over the years and describing the same) –


We used the above data. Added a right infographic with videos. Powered it with great CTAs.

Summary: An infographic to summarize the article in the best way (Click to view):

content marketing 2019 infographic